CEA – partner for strategic transactions

CEA is a consultancy company offering comprehensive services in the area of preparation and execution of strategic transactions.

Our services are focused on providing of professional help for owners of private companies during strategic plans execution and business development by means of company transformation in order to achieve the best value of a completed transaction.

Sale, acquisition, merger and restrukturing of company

Our services include the preparation and comprehensive execution of one-off and time-consuming strategic transactions of companies, such as:

  • Sale of business shares or equity shares
  • Sale of company assets or company parts
  • Acquisition of company or purchase of assets
  • Finding strategic partners or company merger
  • Company restructuring and revitalization

We represent our clients under the authority of a mandate. Since our priority is not quantity but quality of provided services, we accept no more than 10 mandates a year.

Our core values to which we adhere during execution of a mandate are professionalism, confidentiality, personal approach, honesty and "shoulder to shoulder" cooperation. Our mission is to help and to advise owners of private companies to perform profitable and effective exits from business or business enters.

Our intention is not only to attain a result, but to achieve success.