CLIENTS – company owners and investors

Our client's profile

  • Small and medium companies planning acquisitions or divestments with annual turnover EUR 1 to 20 million.
  • Financial investors and strategic buyers seeking suitable location of their investment.
  • Companies seeking new shareholders or investors intending to support development of their business.
  • Companies seeking cooperation with other companies with intent to start joint activities which will complement their business, or expand the area of their operation.

Our client is our partner to whom we want to offer services with high added value. We are prepared to offer our know-how, contacts and to propose suitable procedures and solutions whenever it is necessary to execute:

  • sale of business shares or equity shares,
  • sale of company assets or company part,
  • acquisition of a company or purchase of assets,
  • market enter in Central and Eastern Europe,
  • company formation,
  • company merger,
  • strategic or financial partner finding,
  • joint-venture partner finding,
  • company valuation,
  • restructuring, revitalization or liquidation of company.

We will arrange a meeting with each potential client, in which we will analyse and specify goals and needs. After determining the conditions, time frame and remuneration we will conclude an agreement of providing services, on which basis the mandate will be executed.