We do not disclose information about our clients. What we can mention are our results achieved in the realization of the following selected transactions, which were success for our clients:

Sale of business shares

  • Area: Metallurgy
  • Volume: 3 million EUR

Sale Mediation of 100% business shares  to a foreign strategic partner

Sale of equity shares

  • Area: Engineering
  • Volume: 660 thousand EUR

Sale Mediation of 100% equity shares of a company to a private investor

Sale of company assets

  • Area: Geology
  • Volume: 500 thousand EUR

Sale Mediation of tangible and intangible company assets to a suitable purchaser

Company restructuring

  • Area: Wood industry
  • Volume: 1 million EUR

Execution of restructuring processes in order to get effective company run

Sale of a company part

  • Area: Engineering
  • Volume: 3 million EUR

Structuring of tangible and intangible company assets, their valuation and subsequent sale to a private investor